This homepage is dedicated to catapult mail sent from the two german ships "S/S BREMEN" and "S/S EUROPA".
So if you collect catapult mail, this is the site for you. 


About catapult mail A short description of what catapult mail is and other informations.
Flightplans The dates, when the feederflights and the catapult flights took place
Postal rates Postal rates for the period 1929 - 1935. Use the ratetables, if you have an item, where you are in doubt that the franking is correct.
The rates can also be used by other collectors of air mail.
Registered mail A list of registered mail sent from "S/S BREMEN" and "S/S EUROPA".
Articles It is the intention that new discoveries in the field of collecting of catapult mail will be published here.
Newest item A scan of my latest purchase.

Anyone, who write articles about philately, may download the covers in this sit. The only condition
there is to use the covers, that you contact me for my adress, because I would like a copy of the
article you may write.  

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